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  • Dal.komm coffee AR music card
    Korea Tourism Organization, AR event on 1,000₩ Bill for 2017' Travel Week
    [Happy Real] Baskin Robbins AR cake coloring - Hashtag event
    Mise-en-scène(Amorepacific), Shampoo AR event
    Yeonsei Milk, Rich Taste coffee package AR event
    Korea Education and Research Information Service, Educational AR contents
    Korea Foundation for the advancement of Science & Creativity, Wagzak Science - Amazing Science AR
    Korea Environmental Preservation Association, Let’s protect endangered wildlife (A terrestrial ecosystem) VR
  • Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, 10 minutes Safety & Health AR Education
    Haitai Crown, Korean Traditional Music Prodigy Contest AR Pamphlet, Heungbo-ga AR Coloring
    Junggu Seoul, Junggu Tour AR Postcard Trailer
    CLEAN Perfume AR brochure feat. Seventeen
    SPC Group(Baskin Robbins) Happy Real AR application, GPS AR Game "Pink Spoon Hunter"
    AR Art Gallery
    2016 Play Expo - Meeting Augmented Reality
    Shinhan Bank SOL AR application demonstration (AR Brochure, VR Wealth Rounge-Blue Gate)
  • The Road Traffic Authority, AR Traffic Safety Education for children
    Maeil Media Group, Newspaper AR demonstration
    Circus Company in Smart Tech Korea 2018
    Perfume CLEAN AR promotion feat.Seventeen
    AR Art Gallery
    SamsoniteRED(2014 S/S) Party with Kim Soo Hyun & Angela Baby
    AR 3D coloring - Cassy's Dressroom
    SPC Group(Baskin Robbins) Happy Real AR application, Cake coloring, Hash tag Event
  • AR 3D coloring - Cassy the Cat
    AR 3D coloring - Happy New Year
    AR 3D coloring - Happy Snowman
    AR 3D coloring with National Institute of Ecology - Crocodile, Prairie Dog
    Namyangju-city Dasan Historic Park AR coloring
    circusAR - 3D coloring guide

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