Media TeamBeginner, Experienced, Intern

Introducing TeamOur team serves to increase reality and immersion of content through video and sound work for AR and VR content. We create demo videos to enable clients and end-users to understand and 100% utilize our content, and also propagate our content and technology through marketing videos.

Primary Tasks - Content sound mixing
- Video planning, filming, editing and CG work
- 360 video filming and editing
- Video-based media channel management
※ To be segmented into Sound Team, Video Planning Team, Filming Team, Editing Team and CG Team in the future

Required Competencies- Adobe Premiere, After Effects tool utilization ability
- Sound, video editing ability
- Experiences in dealing or working with filming devices
- Ability to transform video content ideas into documents (continuity, etc.)
- Sociality and communication ability

Preferences - 3D work capability
- Experiences in video filming

Words from team member Do you dream of being a video and sound engineer without working on weekends or at night? Just come.



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