Design Art TeamBeginner, Experienced, Intern

Introducing Team“Design” is extremely important for an IT company because it visualizes unseen technology to serve as not only a tool that helps the world understand but also a window to communicate with the world.
Our team conducts a variety of design work that enables direct communication with users, and we must communicate with crews in other teams to help them understand our design before anyone else. Thus, we value know-how in communication, which is needed for intimate collaboration, in addition to ability to design.

Primary Tasks- Graphic design as a whole
- Content tone and manner planning (concept artboard, etc.)
- Content resource design (mobile, PC)
- Web & App UI design/UX analysis
- Editing and printing design, product design, branding design
- Character development

Required Competencies- Ability to utilize 2D graphic tool
- Visual communication ability
- Understanding of content and drawing ability
※ Must submit portfolio

Preferences - 3 to 7 years of experience as a design team manager
- Branding experience (BI / CI/ websites, etc.)
- Experiences in various artworks with own unique concept
- Original drawing ability
- Sketch tool utilization ability

Words from team member We want to work with someone who knows the powerful strength of design!



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