Planning · MarketingBeginner, Experienced, Intern

Team IntroductionOur team serves as the project leader that takes care of the beginning and the end of technology and content. We understand the technology, sensitively react to ICT trends, and plan content that is both fun and practical.
As circusAR’s content is widely used in various industries from games to education and tourism, we possess diverse purposes, which makesour team not hesitant to learn and study new areas. We manage the entire process from A to Z prior to the opening of contents, from consulting to help understanding for clients and end-users (content users) who encounter AR and VR technology for the first time to external marketing and intense discussion with internal development team.

Primary Tasks· Project consultation & management (technology, content, promotion)
· Planning (content, services, web, app)
· Marketing (brand, online, offline, global)
· Promotion, PR
· New projects, service planning
※ Segmented into marketing, content planning, service planning, PR, BTL, C/S and global marketing in the future

Requirements· Ability to contain understanding of and planning for content sufficiently in documents
(Powerpoint, Word, hwp, Excel)
· Energetic vigor to enjoy external activities and communication
· Complete concentration whenever needed (feat. sense)
· Ability to think of points to satisfy the needs of clients and end-users as well as find solutions
· Initiative to improve understanding through attention to relevant industries and
continuous research (IT, service, education, tourism, PR, etc.)

Preferences · Business speaking ability in foreign languages (English, Japanese, Chinese)
· Experiences in planning (content, games and education areas), possessing domestic and international marketing experiences
· Complete concentration whenever needed (feat. sense)
· Ability to use graphic design and video tools

Words from team member We welcome anyone who wants to enjoy content and spread his/her wings while growing and
working together!



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