What we do is enjoy our own technology first
so that everyone else can enjoy it in a more exciting and delicious way.
For that, your imagination and execution are more important than knowledge.

If you are interested in the combination of technology, applicative services and contents, you are always welcome.

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circusAR is Korea’s first generation AR and VR company founded in 2012.
Based on AR and VR solutions and platform technology,
we develop contents needed for future lifestyle and business.

We set our vision on creating content that is beneficial to the society
centered on technology’s infinite potential and the basic nature humankind to seek “fun”.



  • • Ability : itiative, professionality, creativity, execution

    Understanding and processing the given tasks while actively
    creating and developing one’s own method.

  • • Communication : Confident, considerate, flexible, trusting

    Expressing one’s own thoughts freely while respecting and considering others.

  • • Positivity : Joyful, high-standard, persistent, exciting

    Focusing on the daily goals while making the day interesting with positive mindset and actions.


  • • Location : 2F, HYUN building 53-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam_gu, Seoul, Korea

    (Subway Line 7: Exit 5 of Cheongdam Station)

  • • Hours : 35 hours a week (Mon-Fri), 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • • Facilities : Office space, breakroom, multipurpose space, meeting rooms,

    restrooms, elevator

  • • Office supplies : i7, SSD512 / dual monitor / mechanical keyboard / wooden desks /

    Mac PC for Design Team


  • • Vacation : 17 days (1 day added after every 2-year period at work, seasonal vacation

    system for employees having worked for a long period, vacation for family events)

  • • Common vacation during end-of-year holidays : December 25 to January 1st of

    the following year

  • • Shortened, flexible and at-home work : Last Friday of every month (operated in rotation)
  • • Self-development expenses : 300,000 to 500,000 KRW (for employees have worked for

    longer than 1 to 3 years) / expenses supported for other education and training, work-related

    books and devices

  • • Family events (vacation and expenditure) : General family events / one’s own birthday /

    national holidays

  • • Incentives : End-of-year bonuses (vary depending on sales profits) / other incentives
  • • Education : circusTED (more than once per quarter) / internal education within company
  • • Others : Pay, meals or replacement vacation for overtime work / nighttime transportation