1. Do I need to install the app to view AR contents?
  • To view AR contents in the mobile environment, the following elements are required.
     ① Smart device based on Android or iOS (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
     ② AR app
     ③ AR content
     (④ Target for recognition)

Upon receiving a request from a customer, CircusAR produces AR content, and AR apps to view the content, or access to utilize the CircusAR app, our commercialized AR and VR app.

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2. How do I use CircusAR app? (Can I scan anything? Is Internet access needed?)
A. Only images already registered in CircusAR’s CMS (content management tool) can be targets (markers) to be recognized (images not registered in CircusAR’s system are unable to be recognized). CircusAR is a free app and takes the form of a cloud service so Internet access is necessary when loading contents.

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3. 'CircusAR' app is too slow / It frequently turns off on its own.
A. The time required to load AR content varies depending on the status, speed, etc. of the Internet connection. CircusAR is optimized for LTE and 4G environment.

If the OS of the devise(smartphone) specifications or the available space within the device is low, CircusAR may become slow or turn off automatically. Also, since CircusAR utilizes the built-in camera, it will be affected if the camera doesn’t function well. In such a case, try deleting the app and reinstalling it from the store or improving the device function in order to use CircusAR more conveniently.

4. What is an AR recognition target (marker)? Is it similar to QR code?
A.  AR places virtual information over reality, and AR recognition targets serve as base points from which virtual information is loaded and located in reality. Among them, recognition targets which take recognizable  forms like an image or an 3D object are conveniently referred to as ‘markers’.
When a QR code is scanned, the camera screen disappears and it moves to a webpage, whereas an AR marker keeps the camera screen open and shows the virtual information over reality.
 The principle of recognition also differs from that of QR codes. Unlike a QR code that forms data in a code format, AR image marker is recognized by forming ‘recognition point’ data from the image itself.
5. What can I use as AR recognition targets(markers)?
A. There are various forms of recognition such as images, objects, location information (GPS), time information, and texts. The most popular and the most stable recognition format is images.
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6. Is it possible to take images I already have as AR content markers?
A. If the image is available as a marker, it can be used as a recognition target. The recognition rate of an image increases for shapes whose surfaces are not rugged, have definite color contrast, and whose lines are more straight than curvy.
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Take the image as a recognition target and request production of AR content at CircusAR.
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7. Is printed marker required to watch AR content?
A. Under “Content List” in CircusAR app, you can load some of the opened AR contents of CircusAR.
The loaded contents overlap on your camera screen, and Magic Marker can play a role as its marker.
8. What is Magic Marker?
A. Magic Marker is a multi-purpose marker (recognition target) developed by CircusAR for more diverse AR experiences. Any AR contents which are brought by their markers or from the Content List on the menu can be placed upon Magic Marker.
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9. I fail to recognize markers with 'Circus AR' app.
A. Please check if the following items are set up properly.
 ■ Please check your Internet connection. (LTE and 4G environment recommended)
 ■ Please check if your marker is one of CircusAR markers.
 ■ Do you have the latest version of the smartphone OS and the CircusAR app?
 (minimum specification: iOS 6.0 / Android 4.0)
 ■ Is the marker undamaged? Is the entire marker recognizable on the camera?
 ■ Make sure to keep your environment bright and make no shadows on the marker.

If marker recognition is still difficult even after verifying all the above items, please notify Circus AR immediately via phone or email.
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10. It is difficult to recognize Coloring Pages with 'CircusAR' app.
A. Please check FAQ no.9 and the following notes regarding AR Coloring. It is easy!

■ Recognition is difficult if you color with very dark colors or too much outside the lines (it will be recognized well if the lines on the design are clearly seen)
■ The colors will be recognized well if the marker is placed within the red guide box.

If recognition is still poor even after verifying all of the above items, please notify CircusAR via phone or email.
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11. Is it possible to share the AR content I’m watching with others?
A.  If you touch the screenshot button in the app, you may capture the screen you’re looking at and either save it as an image or film as a video for sharing. Depending on the characteristics of the content, the screenshot button may not exist for certain cases. If so, please use the screenshot feature installed on your device.
 If you want to share your content with multiple people through real-time sharing, try considering either the screen share feature or mirroring.
12. Can I install CircusAR app and watch AR contents on a tablet PC?
A. CircusAR can be installed and AR content can be enjoyed on any smart devices using Android or iOS. 
13. Is it possible to add only the AR function in an app already released and distributed?
A.  Most apps and CircusAR differ in production method. Thus, in order to add only the AR function from released version of CircusAR, it takes time and cost equivalent to that needed for the production of a new app from the scratch, and also requires a close and extended collaboration between the development firm and CircusAR from the initial phase.
 As an alternative, the App-to-app link, which is similar to the web link, may be utilized.
It uses a button, etc. on an existing app to open up the CircusAR app directly. If CircusAR is not installed on the smartphone, it automatically moves to the store.
14. How can AR content be utilized?
A. AR content, which is advantageous in delivering various forms of visual and auditory information, is being utilized in many different areas.

- PR and marketing tools for promotional events
- Information-delivering content such as brochures and pamphlets
- Artistic content such as digital collaboration
- Branding tools through printed media such as magazines
- Educational content
- Installation and equipment guides

To learn more about user cases AR content, you may search “AR” or “CircusAR” on Youtube or visit the CircusAR blog.
If you are curious about vivid cases of utilization at CircusAR, please request a CircusAR Case Study (cases of content utilization) through an email inquiry!

→ Download reference
→ Download cases of content utilization (Case Study)
15. How do I request production of AR content?
A. Please refer to the content development process of CircusAR and request a quote.
→ Content development process
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16. What are the differences between developing a customized AR app and using CircusAR app?
A.  If a customized AR app is newly developed, the title, images, logo, etc. of the app desired by the customer may be exposed in the title and UI of the app but such an app is exclusively used for content that the customer requests for production so other CircusAR AR content cannot be viewed. It costs both contents and app development price depending on the scale and format of them.
 If the content is published with CircusAR app, the app title, etc. cannot be customized separately. However, other AR content can be viewed in addition to content requested by the customer. Only the fees to produce the content are incurred without production of an app, and the maintenance costs for the content will be charged for the duration during which the content is to be maintained.
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17. Which items are included in the monthly maintenance cost charged for the duration of maintaining content by using the CircusAR app?
A. The following items are included in the maintenance cost charged while maintaining.

■ Maintaining, script coding, improving algorithms (response to Android or iOS updates)
■ Response to newly released devices (smartphones/tablets, etc.)
■ Content converting for upgrades of Android and iOS, Unity3D, SDK, and devices
■ Maintaining and enhancing and traffic dispersion algorithm
■ Server cost (recognition server, content streaming server, system management server)
■ Content resource manual based on conversion (3D and 2D designs)
■ Mobile page maintenance for implementing additional pages
■ Provide statistical data according to the details of the maintenance contract
■ Responding to bugs

Typically, the monthly maintenance cost is calculated based on the actual amount of content used during the free maintenance period (first month) and proceeded with after signing a contract through an agreement.
18. I would like to use CMS(creator) of CircusAR.

Though it is possible to establish CMS upon receiving a request for a project whose size is greater than a specific scale, the service is not yet open to the public.
We are currently performing R&D to commercialize it as a regular service so please wait for us a bit more.
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19. Is it possible to develop a game like “Pokémon Go”?

“Pokémon Go” is a game that uses location data as the target for recognition and CircusAR also has experience in the production of a similar GPS-based AR game in the past.
To manufacture a game in such a format, detailed planning, which includes the scope of location and type of interactions, and the appropriation of a budget must be considered.
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