There are diverse
    experiences we can enjoy in
    a virtual space.


    Interactive experience where
    superimposed graphics, audio
    and information can be
    obtained in a real-world


    Extensive experiences may
    be acquired by combining
    the advantages of VR and AR.


  • “We tried AR promotion to pioneer the Chinese market with our new
    product, and the results are very satisfying. Many buyers could be
    attracted through AR content and, as a result, our product was chosen
    as a premium milk sold in department stores.”

    An, Team Manager, Food and Beverages Manufacturer

  • “Executives were very satisfied with the content provided based on
    many active ideas during the planning and
    the swift application in development. Thank you.”

    Jeong, Senior Manager, Electronics Company

  • “We wanted to conduct our product event in a new way.
    By applying the AR event to our package, the actual sales improved.
    It was an extremely satisfying promotion.”

    Jo, Chief, beauty brand

  • “Because of high utility compared to the amount invested,
    we are considering carrying out 2nd and 3rd events aswell.
    Thank you for proposing many items that go well with AR technology.”

    Kim, Manager, hygienic goods manufacturer

  • “Thank you for showing the best outcome despite the tight schedule.
    All of the visitors to the exhibit were greatly satisfied.”

    Kim, Researcher, education-related exhibit

  • “Through the AR location-based game event,
    the number of buyers actually increased and
    it also played a great role in viral marketing,
    which was very effective.”

    Yang, Senior Manager, food industry

  • “They responded quickly to changes and,
    proposed accurate solutions for us to complete
    the AR event in a stable fashion even after the open date.”

    Gwon, Assistant Manager, logistics industry

  • “Thank you for showing continuous growth for the past
    3 years with new AR technology and content.”

    Gang, Team Manager, music service

  • Through the AR roulette event,
    visitors to the exhibit had an exciting and beneficial time.”

    Kang, Specialist, management consulting firm